: The Alt-Right White Guy Ideological Echo Chamber

I read to see what the Alt-Right White Guys are discussing.

Their topics of conversation and academic debate are ugly.

These White Guys consistently rant and complain about Women.

Feminism is a swear word used by these guys. They also want White Sharia, but will not follow the Muslims’ Qur’an, which explicitly encourages and allows Women to have an education equal to what Men receive.

The White Sharia would basically permit these Angry Entitled Feeling Alt-Right White Men to be Pet Owners of Women as Unfortunate & Dependent Dogs.

We all know that the dog owned by the Pet Owner who believes dogs deserve to live on a chain — outside in the yard in all weather, and must never be treated with humane love & respect — is an Animal Abuser.

These Alt-Right White Guys are feeling horribly entitled that they should have a patriarchy, but a patriarchy that is based on their feelings of anger towards Women and their need to act out revenge against Feminism.

White Sharia would restore the Natural Order, but would establish the biased version of the “Natural Order” by White Guys who are festering angry with Women and seek Vengeance against Feminism.

White Sharia would basically be Animal Abuse of Women. It also would be acted out by the feelings of Revenge Porn. In all, White Sharia would not be cool.

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