White Nationalism

Andrew Anglin identifies as a White Nationalist. He rants or spews hatred for Jews, people who are Black/Asian/or Not White, for Fat Women, for Gay people, and the list goes on.

The only category of people that White Nationalist Andrew Anglin approves of would be White Supremacist Nazis Heterosexual Men. Any White Woman would be a necessity for breeding and birthing Aryan Race children only because a solely Male Community would go extinct.

Yes, a solely Male Organization will go extinct.

Men, by themselves, can’t inseminate Women, who are the humans who conceive and birth the next generation of people.

Women are also alienated by the patriarchal motto of “Don’t Let The Women Debate The Men” and by many more “Do Not” rules directed at them from Worried Angry Resentful White Men.

Women get really turned off by the many “Don’t Let The Women…” rules ranted at them by an All Men’s White Nationalist Organization.

Obviously, Women don’t want to be valued and included in an All Male Political or Religious Movement only because they conceive and birth children.

Nazis Andrew Anglin’s rally of Only Men is doomed to disappear because of him ranting misogyny towards Women.

Trash talking Women is really a stupid tactic. Obviously Women won’t breed with the idiot Man who rants at her that she’s trash and that he only needs Women for breeding.

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