BitMitiGate still provides ddos protection for the Daily Stormer

BitMitigate continues to provide protection from denial-of-service attacks for the Daily Stormer.

However, that ddos protection as defined by CloudFlare, is now used by Andrew Anglin for his online bulletin board:



As well, here are more details about the CEO of the startup BitMitigate:

BitMitigate Nicholas Lim explained, whenever asked, that:

I definitely don’t support the content at all,” Lim told KIRO Radio’s Rantz and Burns Show. “I’m a target of such hate speech, but when it comes down to the fundamental principles, it’s really important that we look at what history has shown to be valuable and that’s freedom of speech and making sure that there’s no censorship.” —

So, this Asian American — who is a targeted person by Nazis White Supremacy simply because he is Asian — has reasoned that it’s okay for him to collaborate with Nazis Andrew Anglin and provide the Daily Stormer with free ddos protection?

How long does this collaboration keep Mr. Lim out of the cross hairs of the Daily Stormer’s racism against any human being who isn’t White, Nazis and White Supremacist?

Please explain to me how many months or years will Mr. Lim avoid being an immediate target of the Daily Stormer?

Will he forever be an honorary Aryan? 😂

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