Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer is ” Anglin’ ” a WordPress blog to help his Daily Stormer get back on the regular Web

Guess who got his own WordPress blog?

It’s Andrew Anglin. 😹

He calls it his personal blog, and will try to be more subtle with what he posts because WordPress must remain complicit to him having a WordPress blog.

I don’t think Andrew can write subtle hate speech directed at Jews, Queer people, people who aren’t White, Women, etc., for very long on his new WordPress blog.

He already is whining that he is an “unperson”. This refers to George Orwell’s novel named 1984.

He’s crying that he’s being abused. So funny that the biggest abuser of them all is complaining that he is being abused with shunning.

The guy is a hypocrite since he will abuse with his speech any human being who’s a Jew, a Black person, a dead Woman like Heather Heyer, a Gay person, and the list goes on.

Oh dear, Andrew.

Yes, you are being watched and criticized. If you’re allowed to rant vitriolic fear and hate of “the Jews, the Women, the Gays, the Blacks, and anyone who isn’t White Nationalist and White Supremacist” you will keep yelling and encouraging any White person to be a Nazis, White Nationalist, and a White Supremacist like yourself.

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