Contributors to Tor discuss what it means to allow the Nazis White Supremacist Facist Daily Stormer to be hosted by the Tor Network

The Tor Network is now being questioned if it is okay to “include” the Daily Stormer and to allow it to be hosted on its network.

Several Tor Contributors understand that any type of Fascist will FIRST use Free Speech (and will always appeal to it) to voice, publish and spread their ideology of racist hatred & propaganda, and will SECOND destroy Free Speech once they are in power:

Several points were brought up such as the Paradox of Tolerance.

I have to agree that open or tolerant societies that support absolutist Free Speech eventually get destroyed from the inside out by an organization of people who are Nazis, or from the outside in by a religious group (such as Muslim terrorists in the 21st century).

The ultimate problem that no one could find a solution to was:

What IT technology could be taken out of the hands of Fascists, so that they cannot access the tools of the Internet to publish and spread their Vile Evil?

Andrew Anglin was completely satisfied with the impasse that the Tor Contributors couldn’t resolve.

He also plans to continually get back on the regular Web.

Andrew Anglin is, no doubt, a Nazis.

Nazis cannot be supported to have Free Speech because they will always destroy Free Speech once they use it to gain themselves governmental power.

Nazis will always use Free Speech as their tool to voice their hatred against all other categories of people who are not 1) White Supremacist, 2) Nazis White Supremacist, 3) and a Fascist identifying with any country’s historic national Fascism.

Any academic debate and intellectualizing as to whether Fascist propaganda and hate speech is also Free Speech is overlooking the real history of what the Third Reich German Nazis had done with their use of Free Speech BEFORE and AFTER they became Germany’s government in 1933.

Here’s what they did to Free Speech as soon as they became Germany’s government from 1933 – 1945:

The Nazis — during their 12 year dictatorship of Germany — had destroyed Free Speech by swiftly establishing the SS, Schutzstaffel, or Secret Police.

The SS were responsible for the organization and the carrying out of the genocidal killing of an estimated 5.5 to 6 million Jews, and millions of other people during the Holocaust (like The Gays, The Blacks, The Adults and Children categorised as Retarded or Operation T-4, etc.).

The Nazis enjoyed bonfire book burnings because they were censoring all written material that wasn’t Nazis published nor Nazis approved.

The very first book burning was done on May 10, 1933.

German students at universities across Germany carried out a series of book burnings of works that they and Nazi party members associated with an “un-German spirit.”

German civilians quickly experienced Big Brother visits from the SS.

During the Third Reich, Germans would see their neighbours escorted from their homes and boarded onto trucks.

Those trucks drove to the trains that were going to the concentration camps: Like the biggest camp of them all found at Auschwitz.

Outside the German country, the Nazis did an act of war, and invaded Poland in 1939.

World II was all about European countries being invaded by the Nazis and also resisting the Nazis.

So, why do the Russians ban any kind of Neo Nazis like Andrew Anglin from voicing their fascist propaganda within Russia and by Russian domains like “.ru”?

The Russians will not put up with the Nazis of today because the Third Reich Nazis had killed 20 million Russians during World War II. The Russians, so far, never forget their history of World War II.

So, isn’t it important to see that a post-communist country like Russia will not put up with Nazis and accommodate these Fascists with Free Speech?

Please remember the Paradox of Tolerance.

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