Daily Stormer update: Oh, the travesty that a Nazis must endure

Andrew Anglin whined on his Tor network onion website about ICANN, and how his “American 1st Amendment Right” was being taken from him.


Oh boo who.

I love it whenever a Nazis whines like a 9 year old Bully about not getting his way.

A Nazis is, frankly, a child bully who never was taught & then disciplined by his parents, parents of other children, the school, and broader society that being a Racist jerk and a Hater of everyone who isn’t a member of your Nazis organization is not okay.

It’s not cool and okay to be a person who’s a Racist and a Hater of every group of human beings who aren’t White Supremacist, and also not White Supremacist Nazis.

Andrew Anglin, as well, stupidly appealed to the above poem
that was written to illustrate that the Nazis had come to wipe out the SocialistsTrade Unioniststhe Jews, the Blacksthe Gaysthe Gypsie RomaKids and Adults with disabilities, etc.

But never did the Nazis of the Third Reich had come for fellow dedicated Nazis.

The point of this poem was that the poet had never spoken out against the Nazis as they collected and sent, by trains, the above groups of people to concentration camps whom the Nazis had hated and first ranted about through their Free Speech.

The Nazis always appealed to and used Free Speech simply as their tool to 1st) empower themselves and to 2nd) become a government authority so as to overpower other people who weren’t White Supremacist and also Nazis.

As soon as the Nazis were the government, the Nazis of the Third Reich censored by burning books of authors they had hated and ranted about BEFORE they were the government.

The Third Reich Nazis had destroyed and garbaged Free Speech as soon as they had become politically powerful and the government of Germany.

They swiftly sent the above listed groups of people (and many more) to the Nazis concentration camps. Camp Auschwitz was a very real thing.

On August 21st — on this very day in 1942 — Out of 1,000 Jews deported from Drancy in occupied France, 817 were murdered in a gas chamber at Auschwitz after selection.

So Andrew Anglin is a Nazis and a dumbass šŸ˜¹.

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