White Supremacist Andrew Anglin with his Daily Stormer on Gab

I’ve been watching Andrew Anglin, and finally his whiny complaints of him being persecuted have pissed me off.

The guy is a jackass.

Andrew wrote an asshole condemnation toward a **dead** woman named Heather Heyer.

This whiny jerk, who I feel NO sympathy for, had written and published with full intention a diatribe calling Heather Heyer “fat” , “a childless woman of 32” and a “slut” who deserved to die.

With all seriousness, Andrew, only a wimpy beta male would drop his manners toward women and publish a whiny rant that a **dead** woman deserved to be dead because she was fat and childless.

Heather Heyer wasn’t fat.

As well, Andrew, you’re childless.

So what if you’re a beta male without kids?

You should call yourself useless to society because you don’t have kids.

But, Andrew, no woman would want to conceive and birth your biological children.

Just throw yourself into the dumpster already because you’re a childless beta male.

Your worth is still in question despite you being a beta male.

People, like me, don’t have empathy for a beta male who rants about a dead woman deserving to be dead because she was fat and childless.

Anyway, Andrew, people (myself included) are watching your every self-pitying update on Gab ( @AndrewAnglin , @weev ), and on wherever else:

Why should Andrew defend himself when he published a rant against a dead woman??? 

Heather Heyer was dead and couldn’t defend herself.

The Internet is not dead

Men like Jordan B. Peterson are listened to and not censored because they’re not a complaining White Supremacist Racist Beta Male like you, Andrew.

I believe in guys like Jordan Peterson.

James Damore also had better manners, and shouldn’t have been fired by Google.

Yes, Andrew, it’s certain that you’re an Asshole. The question is are you a “Useful Idiot”?

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