Daily Stormer not only on the Dark Web: It’s found on the regular web at dailystormer.lol

BitMitigate is currently allowing its ddos protection to be used by the Daily Stormer.

Neo Nazis Andrew Anglin is currently operating his Daily Stormer at dailystormer.lol.

Email and contact BitMitigate to tell it that you will be spreading the word that BitMitigate is okay with permitting its service being used by Andrew Anglin for his Neo Nazi White Supremacist Daily Stormer.

I will not be patient with Neo Nazis. 

They are the worst of the most vile racist White Supremacists. 

I will never do any intellectual debating about whether Nazis must be granted “inclusion” and that their voice must be “accommodated” for their grievances to be heard and academically debated within Western societies. 

Nazis are evil. Human created evil.

I will debate White Privilege and reject its ideology. 

White Privilege is a racist idea towards any person who’s seen by other people as White. I know it is. I have personal experience of being targeted by racism from an Indigenous Canadian in a downtown Edmonton parking lot.

But I will not, for one second, include Nazis in my discussion of White Privilege.

Nazis do not deserve free speech as their tool to holler their *Hate* toward:

1) “fellow White people who aren’t racist toward all other people who aren’t European descended“,


2) that free speech must be used to yell and rant racial hatred.

Free Speech is always abused and obliterated by Nazis.

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