Daily Stormer only found in the Deep Web?

Is Daily Stormer only restricted to the “deep” or “dark” web?

This would be at “dstormer6em3i4km.onion”.

The onion webpage is only hosted on the Tor network and can only be viewed with the Tor browser.

However, the *Answer is No*.

I investigated with Google Chrome, and behold!

Gab is indexed by Google:

Andrew Anglin is posting on the Gab social media very easily.

He also has Andrew Auernheimer as his back-up who’s the Neo Nazis known as Weev:

Andrew Anglin is also posting on VK.com.

VK.com is also indexed by Google and other regular browsers:

Finally TRS, or forum.therightstuff.biz, is reachable with regular browsers:

So who is going to contact Gab, VK.com & TRS?

@Amy_Siskind , the work of shooing the Daily Stormer off the regular Web isn’t done.

I’m saying this not sarcastically but as a serious statement of fact.

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