Daily Stormer on the Dark Web , part 3

Ever heard of Duckduckgo.com?

This browser has been the predominant referrer in my stats recently.

This is because of my posts about White Supremacist Andrew Anglin and his move to the Tor network.

The Daily Stormer has a new onion address on the “dark web“. The dark web would be the Tor network and similar networks that aren’t indexed by regular browsers.

I tested the duckduckgo browser to see if it would find and also show the onion webpage, dstormer6em3i4km.onion, for the Daily Stormer:

It didn’t.

This browser only creates a search without your device’s ID or geographic location being stored by duckduckgo.com‘s servers.

The below is an explanation from duckduckgo.com on how its servers create privacy for your device when you use the duckduckgo.com browser:

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