Daily Stormer on the Dark Web , part 2

Where is the Daily Stormer?

Only with the Tor browser, or similar, you can find and view the Daily Stormer because GoDaddy, Google, Cloudflare, etc., refuse to host its website.

I used the Tor browser to click the links Andrew Anglin had listed at his “.onion” website for his supporters to find his Daily Stormer.

Daily Stormer is again rejected from the indexed Web:

AndrewAnglin on Gab:

*Cloudflare has again rejected the Daily Stormer.*

The Daily Stormer VK.com address:

Daily Stormer on TRS:

Daily Stormer on Hatreon:

There’s a Hatreon?

I prefer hate being seen on the indexed, regular Internet.

When the authors of hate are made to run and hide, their hate becomes unseen by most people.

Honestly, hate being hidden doesn’t make it defeated.

This is the point on which I disagree with Amy Siskind who first drove the Daily Stormer to operate on the unindexed “dark web”:

Yes, Amy Siskind chased the Daily Stormer out of her and our sight. But it’s still operating.

For those of us who prefer that most people see Hate Speech so as to teach what Hate Speech really is, I have to say that making the Daily Stormer hidden is a tactical error.

Honestly, the Daily Stormer is still at work. Why congratulate yourself with your effort of simply sweeping the Daily Stormer under the rug of the Internet?

Hate Speech has to be seen so as to teach all of us what Hate Speech actually looks likewhich isn’t the form of a Microaggression — and it must be seen so as to teach ourselves about the few weaknesses that we have.

An enemy can teach you a lot about yourself because the enemy does perceive your weaknesses. The enemy will always, in their Hate Speech, scream at you what your weaknesses are.

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