Daily Stormer on the Dark Web

The Daily Stormer still exists.

It’s found on the Tor network through the Tor browser:


The Android app version of the Tor browser doesn’t permit screenshots. 

But I used my phone to take a photo of the Daily Stormer’s new webpage.

All that was really accomplished with forcing the Daily Stormer off the indexed Web was allowing the Daily Stormer secrecy.

Forcing the Daily Stormer to become unindexed is not a real victory.

The Daily Stormer only requires the Tor browser to be used to find it and to read its published hate speech.

I easily installed and used the Tor browser to find the Daily Stormer.

So, again, my big misgiving with driving the Daily Stormer underground into the unindexed “dark web” is that we have only made it unseen to regular browsers like Google Chrome. 

Being unindexed doesn’t make the Daily Stormer dead to you.

I believe the unindexed status will only give the Daily Stormer an edge. 

That edge will be the benefit of being hidden, unseen, but still working.

I would rather see Hate Speech on Google Chrome instead of pretending and self-congratulating that the Daily Stormer is dead to me because I can’t look it up with Google Chrome and with other regular browsers.

A hidden enemy doesn’t make it non-existent and, therefore, ineffective.

Isn’t an enemy working in secrecy more effective because of the advantage of not being seen?

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