Most prevalent human problem is open defecation

I read National Geographic whenever I have the time.

What’s fantastic about the magazine’s August 2017 issue is the report that no hygienic sanitation — to make a toilet that’s basic & safe from poop which hosts disease — is the most widespread social and public health problem in the world today.

People with a Social Justice Warrior ideology who get embroiled with gender identity politics, race relation politics, and white privilege in western countries should absolutely disregard these politics so as to focus on much needed hygienic toilets for people around the world!

Lack of safe toilets from poop that carry bacteria that cause cholera, dysentery, and other diseases being hosted by human feces, is the most widespread social and health problem in human societies in this second decade of the 21st century.

Read the below:

Also women in societies that practice pooping and peeing in fields, beside roads, like to talk with each other while doing their “open defecation”.

To me this is not strange because I see women socializing when they go to the washroom together. I see it all the time when I go to public washrooms! 😊.

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