“Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” , part 2

“Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” asks: 

What is ideology, what is reality, and does ideology match reality?

Published in the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, in 2015, is a study called, “National hiring experiments reveal 2:1 faculty preference for women on STEM tenure track“.

Hiring of women in Science and Technology jobs has been assumed to be sexist towards women and in favour of men. This assumption is now legitimately challenged.

Women who applied for professorships in STEM areas (excluding economics), were more likely to be hired than similarly qualified male candidates.

Men and women were selected in a 50/50 ratio for Economic professorships.

67 percent of the time, the hiring committee chose the female candidate for all other STEM professorships.

If a gender wasn’t preferred, which is sexism, we would expect men and women to be equally hired in a professorship to make a 50/50 ratio.

In 2015, the sexism preferred women over men.

So attitudes and beliefs do change, but this change can create barriers toward the traditionally privileged gender.

Sexism can be reversed to prefer women, and become discriminatory towards men.

The change can honestly be a pendulum swing that flips the favouritism. The favouritism still exists, which I see as not legitimate change. And why should I perceive favouritism that simply has been reversed as change that’s fair?

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