My Funny Twitter Conversation with a Nazis

I had a funny convo with a Nazis on Twitter.

I completely mistook his Twitter, and didn’t immediately see his profile as a Nazis account. I wasn’t wearing my glasses, and was using my $100 cheap phone 😹.

At about the 1/3rd point of the conversation, I realized I was having a polite Twitter conversation with a Nazis.

At this point, I decided to continue the conversation because it was:

1) Polite,

2) Civil,

3) Respectful,

4) In all, this was a conversation demonstrating: That one or the other human being was genuinely showing no plan to ethnically cleanse the other because of pure White Supremacist Nazis racial, sexist, homophobic hatred, which is an endless list of hatred.

Read through the Twitter convo and see when the Nazis stopped being polite, transformed to show his true colours & hatred, and then turned ugly toward me:

This was actually a very useful conversation 😺.

This Twitter convo confirms that Nazis Are Evil toward all categories of people who aren’t part of the very minority and very small Nazis definition of *Acceptable Human Allowed To Live*.

Nazis have this very narrow and minuscule category of what Humans they actually like and tolerate.

Unfortunately most of humanity isn’t:

1) Nazis,

2) White Supremacist,

3) White Supremacist Nationalist (<= a subcategory of White Nationalism),

[White Nationalism I don’t yet have a problem with because of an ideology called “White Privilege,” which is very problematic toward anyone who is seen as White.]

4) White Heterosexual Man,

5) A White Man,

6) White Heterosexual Woman,

7) A White Woman willing to only be valued for conceiving & birthing children so that the Nazis organization & Nazis men would never go extinct.

But the majority of humanity not being part of the Nazis category is actually a fortunate thing. : The Alt-Right White Guy Ideological Echo Chamber

I read to see what the Alt-Right White Guys are discussing.

Their topics of conversation and academic debate are ugly.

These White Guys consistently rant and complain about Women.

Feminism is a swear word used by these guys. They also want White Sharia, but will not follow the Muslims’ Qur’an, which explicitly encourages and allows Women to have an education equal to what Men receive.

The White Sharia would basically permit these Angry Entitled Feeling Alt-Right White Men to be Pet Owners of Women as Unfortunate & Dependent Dogs.

We all know that the dog owned by the Pet Owner who believes dogs deserve to live on a chain — outside in the yard in all weather, and must never be treated with humane love & respect — is an Animal Abuser.

These Alt-Right White Guys are feeling horribly entitled that they should have a patriarchy, but a patriarchy that is based on their feelings of anger towards Women and their need to act out revenge against Feminism.

White Sharia would restore the Natural Order, but would establish the biased version of the “Natural Order” by White Guys who are festering angry with Women and seek Vengeance against Feminism.

White Sharia would basically be Animal Abuse of Women. It also would be acted out by the feelings of Revenge Porn. In all, White Sharia would not be cool.

White Nationalism

Andrew Anglin identifies as a White Nationalist. He rants or spews hatred for Jews, people who are Black/Asian/or Not White, for Fat Women, for Gay people, and the list goes on.

The only category of people that White Nationalist Andrew Anglin approves of would be White Supremacist Nazis Heterosexual Men. Any White Woman would be a necessity for breeding and birthing Aryan Race children only because a solely Male Community would go extinct.

Yes, a solely Male Organization will go extinct.

Men, by themselves, can’t inseminate Women, who are the humans who conceive and birth the next generation of people.

Women are also alienated by the patriarchal motto of “Don’t Let The Women Debate The Men” and by many more “Do Not” rules directed at them from Worried Angry Resentful White Men.

Women get really turned off by the many “Don’t Let The Women…” rules ranted at them by an All Men’s White Nationalist Organization.

Obviously, Women don’t want to be valued and included in an All Male Political or Religious Movement only because they conceive and birth children.

Nazis Andrew Anglin’s rally of Only Men is doomed to disappear because of him ranting misogyny towards Women.

Trash talking Women is really a stupid tactic. Obviously Women won’t breed with the idiot Man who rants at her that she’s trash and that he only needs Women for breeding.

Naughty, naughty: BitMitigate is subhosting 2 Daily Stormer websites

Oh dear, oh dear.

BitMitigate has plainly gone beyond only providing DDoS protection for any Daily Stormer website on the regular Web.

BitMitigate is now subhosting 2 domains for the Daily Stormer:

Namecheap hosts BitMitigate.

Namecheap has stated in its Terms And Conditions:

Hosting Acceptable Use Policy

not to upload unacceptable material which include: IRC bots, warez, image, file storage, mirror, or banner-ad services, topsites, streaming, Escrow, High-Yield Interest Programs (HYIP) or related sites, investment sites (FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, etc), bitcoin miners, sale of any controlled substances without providing proof of appropriate permit(s) in advance, AutoSurf sites, Bank Debentures, Bank Debenture Trading Programs, Prime Banks Programs, lottery sites, muds / rpg’s, hate sites, hacking focused sites/archives/programs, or sites promoting illegal activities, IP Scanners, Brute Force Programs, Mail Bombers and Spam Scripts.

BitMitigate has very clearly gone beyond only providing DDoS protection for a Daily Stormer website.


Nazis Andrew Anglin is back at it: Daily Stormer now has hosting from Albania domain name

Of course Andrew Anglin keeps casting and reeling in domain names. He’s “Angling” for any domain hosting he’s hoping to keep. But he’s not a true fly fisherman. He should watch the movie adaptation of “A River Runs Through It”.

His latest attempt has secured him an Albania domain name:

He’s also put up a new BBS (Bulletin Board System):

BitMitigate also continues to provide DDoS protection for any Daily Stormer site whenever Andrew gets one.


Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer is ” Anglin’ ” a WordPress blog to help his Daily Stormer get back on the regular Web

Guess who got his own WordPress blog?

It’s Andrew Anglin. 😹

He calls it his personal blog, and will try to be more subtle with what he posts because WordPress must remain complicit to him having a WordPress blog.

I don’t think Andrew can write subtle hate speech directed at Jews, Queer people, people who aren’t White, Women, etc., for very long on his new WordPress blog.

He already is whining that he is an “unperson”. This refers to George Orwell’s novel named 1984.

He’s crying that he’s being abused. So funny that the biggest abuser of them all is complaining that he is being abused with shunning.

The guy is a hypocrite since he will abuse with his speech any human being who’s a Jew, a Black person, a dead Woman like Heather Heyer, a Gay person, and the list goes on.

Oh dear, Andrew.

Yes, you are being watched and criticized. If you’re allowed to rant vitriolic fear and hate of “the Jews, the Women, the Gays, the Blacks, and anyone who isn’t White Nationalist and White Supremacist” you will keep yelling and encouraging any White person to be a Nazis, White Nationalist, and a White Supremacist like yourself.

BitMitiGate still provides ddos protection for the Daily Stormer

BitMitigate continues to provide protection from denial-of-service attacks for the Daily Stormer.

However, that ddos protection as defined by CloudFlare, is now used by Andrew Anglin for his online bulletin board:



As well, here are more details about the CEO of the startup BitMitigate:

BitMitigate Nicholas Lim explained, whenever asked, that:

I definitely don’t support the content at all,” Lim told KIRO Radio’s Rantz and Burns Show. “I’m a target of such hate speech, but when it comes down to the fundamental principles, it’s really important that we look at what history has shown to be valuable and that’s freedom of speech and making sure that there’s no censorship.” —

So, this Asian American — who is a targeted person by Nazis White Supremacy simply because he is Asian — has reasoned that it’s okay for him to collaborate with Nazis Andrew Anglin and provide the Daily Stormer with free ddos protection?

How long does this collaboration keep Mr. Lim out of the cross hairs of the Daily Stormer’s racism against any human being who isn’t White, Nazis and White Supremacist?

Please explain to me how many months or years will Mr. Lim avoid being an immediate target of the Daily Stormer?

Will he forever be an honorary Aryan? 😂