Racism without Racists: Colour-Blind Racism

I did a search and found Racism without Racists.

In practice, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva sees race colour blindness different.

Race Blind_2nd definition


He believes that race colour blindness is another form of racism:

Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in America

Here’s his analysis:

Four frames of colour-blind ideology to examine current racial issues in the US:

1) abstract liberalism
2) naturalization of personal preferences
3) cultural racism
4) minimization

Abstract liberalism

Abstract Liberalism

The ethnic majority (before 2043: White people) see every racial group gaining equal access to education, housing, and employment.

Racism is now an individual act of interpersonal racism.

The largest ethnic group uses abstract liberalism to emphasize the concept of how people of colour should work hard to reach their goal without special support, such as Affirmative Action programs.

Naturalization of personal preferences

Naturalization of preferences

The largest ethnic demographic tends to justify racial inequalities as if they were natural occurrences. Or the largest demographic claims that “preferences” — like choosing to not go to an All White School, but instead attending a school that has peers who are ethnically like you — are natural, and result from a normal social process.

Cultural racism

Cultural racism.jpg

The dominant ethnic group often denounces Indigenous people, or Black Americans, for failure because they did not make the right choice to adapt to the culture of the dominant demographic.



The dominant demographic (White people) perceive that racism is no longer pervasive after the struggles of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. So today, ethnic minorities are considered “hypersensitive” and “too race conscious.”

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