White Identity: Defining that identity as the identity of an ethnic minority

People of colour have perceived visibly White people (who self identify as White) as unaware of what it means to be White, of what being White has promised in terms of status, access to opportunities, and jobs that are sustaining and secure.

The perception by people of colour of White people being unaware of their White Privilege is damning. People of colour are usually the people who identify as Black American, Chinese American, Indian Asian American, etc.

White Privilege because of ethnic majority

People who are Asian, who are First Nations, or Black American can see White people as being unaware because they (as people of colour) have had to be daily aware of their own ethnicity and what status, opportunities, jobs that are secure, could actually be available to them where they live.

But White people have to become aware today and tomorrow.

The people who identify as White are becoming an ethnic minority in the United States. Same holds true for Canada.

Any person who identifies their race as White has to now define the meaning of their identity across North America in terms of a minority.

So here’s the challenge:

Can the communal identity of the White demographic — the personal values, the culture, and all the stuff that makes ‘visible’ your ethnicity to other races of people — be adapted and still function when it’s a minority identity?

That’s the rub.

The question must be answered on how to be a successful ethnic minority in the country that you live in.

White people are going to have to pay attention to the stories of immigrant success and of a minority’s resilience.

The strategies presented in these stories have to be learned from.

What did the Black American woman do to actually get access to decent education (elementary, high school, post secondary) for her son?

How did this mom get access to the school that was the right institution that would set up her son for success?

How did the son avoid becoming despaired because other guys of his race have repeatedly met the wrong people, had met the bias of the current social climate found within institutions, which barred them enrollment, promotion and accolades by news & social media?

I need these questions answered.

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