Race Blind & White Privilege: White Privilege today is no longer a privilege

Here’s the rub:

A few or many White people (those who identity as non-Hispanic White), have been raised by their Baby Boomer parents to be race blind.

Race Blind

Race Blind is supposed to work just fine in theory.

It was promised to re-educate White people to first look at a person as a human being and to avoid first looking at a person’s race, which was to avoid evaluating them by their ethnicity.

Race Blind_3rd definition

I was taught to be race blind by my Baby Boomer parents.

Here’s why:

Social psychological research done in the 1980s and early 1990s generally supported
the view that drawing attention to race in any way would automatically result in
stereotyping and that such stereotyping would invariably lead to prejudice and discrimination.
Many social psychologists therefore concluded that it would be best to
divert attention away from race and toward individual characteristics or higher-level
categories such as humanity. (The Dangers of Not Speaking About Race, KIRWAN INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF RACE AND ETHNICITY | THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY)

Of course, my parents meant well, and I can’t be cruel with ridiculous high expectations that they should have not taught me to be race blind.

They were doing what academics, education professionals were highly recommending during the 1980s.

Seriously, the lesson here is to be skeptical, and also be cautious of any professional who highly recommends that their research is a best practice.

Anyway, another example of education professionals being wrong would be found within the public schools — during the 1980s & 90s in Canada & the U.S. — where the principals and teachers highly recommended Ritalin.


Parents should be aware that these medicines do not ‘drug’ or ‘alter’ the brain of the child. They make the child ‘normal.’ ” (The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder, New York Times)

The principal or teacher read the above from the Novartis pharmaceutical company brochure directly to any parent. At the time, during the 1990s, Novartis was known as Ciba-Geigy.

Education professionals highly recommended during the 80s & 90s that kids who couldn’t sit for more than 2 minutes, or who were Autistic, fidgety, or who had high energy had to take Ritalin because Ritalin was the solution to the problems those kids had.

Yeah right. Those academics with their education credentials really knew what they were talking about. They didn’t.

In the 2000s and 2010s, the adults who were the kids that were prescribed Ritalin just to be allowed to still attend a public school have sued by class action law suits. And good for them for doing that.

Thankfully, my own parents didn’t believe that my brother should have taken Ritalin.

The teachers at the Canmore Lawrence Grassi & Elizabeth Rummel elementary schools pushed Ritalin during the 1980s and 1990s.

My parents were debated with during Parent/Teacher meetings to give Ritalin to my brother.

My parents repeatedly said: “No. How Ritalin actually works is not known. It’s also an anti-psychotic. We won’t give our son a drug that’s not fully understood.” And good for them for saying “No“.

Anyway, Race colour blindness was supposed to work in reality and Ritalin was believed to be a “best practice” to manage kids who were fidgety. But neither was the best solution to the social problems they were addressing

So what to do right now in 2017 and in the future?

So what to do

I’m cautious of anyone believing that the change they’re doing is the “best practice,” the best “evidence-based” practice, and is the one solution that fixes everything.

There is no such school of thought, social psychological approach, social engineering, or re-education that is the best practice.

So what to do?

A strategy done in 2017 would be thought as the best change to do.

But in 2037, people would perceive the problems that were unintentionally created while this strategy addressed the original problems of 2017.

Well, I would say to any White person (who self identifies as White), to not denigrate their own race while trying to disavow themselves of their White privilege.

Do not denigrate your race

I get really disturbed when I see Millennial White students at universities and colleges who swarm, as a mob, a White male teacher to shout at him that he’s a racist according to what these Millennials have as their beliefs about White privilege.

Bret Weinstein was swarmed by a mob of social justice warrior students, and was literally cornered on Evergreen State College campus and yelled at with bully tactics.

Shout Down

Anyway, when you (as a White person) are dropping your White privilege, can you also ask what White privilege does a White, male, child have right now?

The White male child, in 2017 (and in the future) doesn’t have a privilege over White female children, Asian male children, Asian female children, Indian Asian male & female children, Black American male & female children, Native or Indigenous male & female children, and the list goes on.

I have a son: He’s visibly White, he’s a biological male & his gender is visibly seen as male.

My son is three right now, and I know he doesn’t have White privilege.

I can’t be debated and bullshitted that he has White privilege.

He doesn’t have White privilege in 2017, and he won’t have White privilege in 2027, 2037, etc.

So White privilege is rapidly declining.

White privilege first declined for White male children.

The thing to do is:

If you identify as a non-Hispanic White person, then try to ask the really hard questions of how a non-Hispanic White person should feel self-respect, or be successful, as a person of an ethnic minority when it’s visibly apparent that the White community is an ethnic minority.

What White people can ask when they-re an ethnic minority

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