Slavery in the U.S., to systemic racism …to what else?

Earlier I wondered where institutional or systemic racism first began in human civilization.

Slavery in the United States was the culprit that germinated systemic racism within it.

However, the United States, is currently the only country on known record where systemic racism directly resulted from institutional slavery.

I say, “on record,” because this modern history is what is currently known while ancient records are few and there are some records that can still be found by archeology.

Anyway, the institutional or systemic slavery that was done in the United States was like ancient slavery, but differed because the slaves’ ethnicity was visually different from the people who traded and bought them.


  • Slave (1st generation forced to migrate): Black African, many different tribes & each tribe or related tribes spoke their own language
  • Slave owner (in the United States): European, White, British, spoke English

The stark visual difference was Black and White.

Black Skin colour, hair, shape of nose versus White Skin colour, hair, shape of nose.

That’s sad really.

The European ancestors who settled the British thirteen colonies that became the United States shouldn’t have bought and used slaves to work without their freedom.

These White people of early modern history shouldn’t have done this tragedy.

But they did, and the people of today (their descendants & the descendants of African Americans) experience the fallout.

Systemic racism against Black Americans has been a painful process, since the 1960s, of dropping segregation and dropping inequal access to services and resources.

But I don’t know if race relations in the United States can evolve.

I don’t know if Black & White Americans can move on.

Can Black Americans move on from rehashing past events of slavery and segregation that their ancestors lived and then changed by their resistance?

Could Black Americans live today (2017) and tomorrow without revisiting, again and again, the feelings and the fights that their predecessors did? These predecessors are passed on.

Or I’m asking is more time needed?

Or can the few or many Black Americans no longer rehash the slavery and segregation that was done and not live their life according to that history?

Can they try to move past perceiving White people as a monolith and as a bad monolith?

I’m talking about living Malcom X’s feelings and life again & again.

Is it possible to not rehash and live past resentments, grievances, anger, and historical altercations?

How can you live a life that is your own and not a reanimated life of someone else?

Is honouring history really “ancestor worship” that you have to do again and again, and again do the fights of the past?

Do you have to live a past life to fix the problems you live today and tomorrow?

Some people do. I get that.

However, I feel worried when a whole community hasn’t moved on from viewing the descendants of their oppressors as a monolith, and still as a problem to them.

I personally am not racist. I also can’t be guilty for what someone of my race did before I was born. I can only be responsible for what I do and don’t do.

I also can’t hate and be ashamed of my race because I would become self-loathing and ashamed.

I can’t take in and internalize the resentment & anger felt by many or a few African Americans because if I did, I would feel I’m guilty.

I would feel I’m at fault, born wrong, and can’t do one thing right, because I would feel those feelings as my own.

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