How Racist Are You?

I write this blog without explicitly putting into words what my ethnicity or race is. I also haven’t published what my gender or biological sex is.

You can probably make a guess what my race and gender are by reading my personal experiences.

Anyway, I came across this name: Jane Elliott.

I then had to read about that name.

Jane Elliott is White American (European descent), and is the “White” stereotype that’s found in the United States.

This lady is as White as White can be defined as a Caucasian living in the United States.

I will categorize Jane Elliott by a racist framework. Racist would mean by the framework of institutional racism.

Genographic Criteria of Jane Elliott (with a bit of Sexism included):

Jane Elliott

  1. White or European descent. Natural born to Iowa, United States.
  2. Birthplace: Riceville, Iowa.
  3. Sex: Biological female
  4. Community: Rural, White, American.
  5. Riceville Census:
    • 1930: 807 people
    • 2016: 806 people

In sum: White, Rural, Female.


So, a White Female from a rural American farming community (that being an All White Community, with a 2.2% Hispanic presence) is qualified for what?

Institutional Racism allows or bars access to education (like university, college programs), to certification (like a medical license), and to a variety of services (like government funding for an education, services for your children, funding for your health care, etc.).

The above listed genographic criteria of Jane Elliott bars her access to certification, which would be Anti-racist Diversity Training.

Jane Elliott is self-appointed.


She started her mission of racism re-education in 1968, and did her first experiment on 8 & 9 year olds because she was a Grade 3 teacher in Riceville and those kids were a “captive” audience.

But in the 2010s, she would be shut down & shut out because of her being White.


How can a White Woman be qualified to be the spokeswoman, the consultant to re-educate White People on the institutional racism that Black people experience in the United States?

If I’m going to listen to Jane Elliott by the framework of institutional racism — which historically means White people being privileged, by institutions, over Black people — then she fails because her race is White.

I can’t let this lady be in authority, have power, and let her Blue Eye/Brown Eye experiment re-educate me.

Jane Elliott is not qualified to accuse her White peers because institutional racism in the United States was established as the institutions that were built by European settlers that privileged White people over Black people up until the 1960s.

Jane Elliott is White, she hails from Iowa. She’s drenched in her White Privilege.

White Privilege

A woman enjoying White Privilege who names all White People criminally racist is not a qualified representative of Black experiences of discrimination and experiences of Blackness in the United States.

Also the census of Riceville hasn’t changed much.

Jane Elliott was born in 1933.

Riceville had 807 people in 1930. In 2016, Riceville has 806 people.


She’s White, was born & raised in White Rural America, and she’s a White Female.


White Female

So in the 2010s, Jane Elliott as a White female, would be barred entry into let’s say BEYOND QUEER POLITICS: 35 YEARS OF WOMEN’S ACTIVISM AT THE INTERSECTIONS (Pride Toronto newsletter, Tuesday May 3, 2016) because of her genographic criteria.

She would be asked by Debbie Douglas (Dear White People, Please Stop Pretending Reverse Racism Is Real) to sit at the back of the room because she’s White, a biological female, heterosexual and not a transgender woman.

People like Jane Elliott clearly appear to me as a person sitting on a tree branch who’s cutting the branch she’s sitting on.

That person will fall fast, hard, and will break their bones at odd angles when the branch they’re sitting on falls.


What I mean is:

Belittling, blaming, only targeting your race for re-education because what their ancestors did also hurts you.

Should people of today segregate themselves, and fight the same fight, feel the same resentment according to the history of their ancestors’ experiences and own fights?

Isn’t reliving history of racist segregation again & again — which is White segregating Black before the 1960s in the U.S., Black segregating White in the 2010s across North America — a problem?

In the school setting, doing the same problem again & again is called not learning.

The teacher would be concerned and have parent/teacher meetings about remedial tutoring.

Anyway, naming your race as Bigoted, Ignorant, the one race on the planet Earth who ever was and currently is institutionally racist is a lie.

It’s self-harming when the lie is a dogma that you rely on to accuse and call your own race criminal.



Institutional Racism was invented first as Slavery, but not as slavery of Black people by White people in the United States.

Institutional Slavery



Institutional Racism as institutional slavery hails to the Romans, the Greeks, the Israelites (the paleo Hebrew people), the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Persians, and the list goes on.

The Romans considered the Indigenous White people living in Britain, Scotland, France, Spain, different races. And the Romans enslaved those Indigenous people whenever the Romans could.

So, Institutional Slavery (which created institutional racism), was invented by many races of people on the planet Earth.

The ancient, chiseled in cuneiform on stone, laws of Hammurabi, are proof that systemic racism as created by systemic slavery was alive and well in the area of Iraq thousands of years ago.


16. “If any one receive into his house a runaway male or female slave of the court, or of a freedman, and does not bring it out at the public proclamation of the major domus, the master of the house shall be put to death.”

Anyway, don’t feel guilt & shame for what the ancestors of your race did to another race. Right now feel self-respect, and do to other people what you want done to yourself.

Respecting yourself (which includes your race) and being respectful of a variety of human beings is probably better than being Jane Elliott.

Don’t be a Jane Elliott.


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