Introduction to the Idea of God

I, honestly, wish I had this guy as a teacher at the universities and the colleges I went to:

Dr. Jordan Peterson

Or did you ever get amazed by what a teacher was saying?

You got interested and then amazed by a professor because his lecture (and the following discussion) were the questions and, maybe, the few answers on a subject that you have been wondering about for many years?

Or maybe what you believe in — the ideas that you believe in (ideology) — are discussed as questions and, maybe, as a few answers by that professor.

Anyway, Dr. Jordan Peterson has made videos of his Biblical Series lectures.

Now if you’re a person who avoids or dismisses any helpful discussion about the Bible — its stories, laws, ethics, and the thousands of years history complied in it — then you can try to reconsider if you want to hear Dr. Jordan Peterson discuss Friedrich Nietzsche, Carl Jung, and so on, during his Biblical Series.

Friedrich Nietzsche was cherry-picked for his statement of “God Is Dead“.

That statement, according to Dr. Peterson’s own understanding, was simply made by Nietzsche to articulate his observation of the disruption of Western nations traditional religion (Christianity) and cultural belief (which had basis in Christianity) by rationality and science.

That also, “In the aftermath of God’s death, he believed humanity, would become entranced, even possessed, by utopian political ideas, such as those of Karl Marx. Nietzsche believed that such possession would kill millions in the twentieth century, as it did.” (Dr. Jordan Peterson on Patreon)

Another way put:


The idea that “God Is Dead” isn’t that atheism is 100% true, but because “the belief in the Christian God has become unbelievable”, everything that was “built upon this faith, propped up by it, grown into it”, including “the whole of our European morality”, is destined for “collapse”.

The results of no belief in the God of Judaism and Christianity meant that many people would feel existential anxiety, depression and also nihilism in Western countries.


Whole nations of people, during the 20th century, would war with one another because of their country’s attempt to replace the rejected religion — the culture that was based on that religion — with utopian political ideas. Governments would also kill their own citizens.

The 20th century wars in Europe — the Great War, the Second World War — all happened because of that existential angst and attempts to have utopian political beliefs as the new religion and culture.

The 20th century genocide or political murders done in Asia (such as Cambodia, China) also happened because of attempts to have utopian political beliefs as the new religion and culture of society.

The God of Judaism and Christianity was, of course, not the religion and culture of Cambodia or China.

The political ideas of Karl Marx & Vladimir Lenin were, instead, imported by the Chinese and Cambodians in their attempts to make their societies equal or modern with the technology invented & used by Western nations. China also would no longer harbour a British colony (excluding Hong Kong until 1997), and Cambodia would no longer be a French territory.

Many Chinese intellectuals were attracted by Marxism. Those active in the May 4th Movement, as well as others outside it, saw socialism as a means of preventing the conflicts caused by capitalism — particularly because at a time of great ambivalence toward the West, Marxism could be seen as a western “ism” that could be used against the West. (University of Kansas, Anna M. Cienciala, History 557: “The Communist Nations Since 1917”, Lecture Notes)

Anyway, Dr. Jordan Peterson talks about the, “Introduction to the Idea of God“.

He wonders why the stories, the history, the laws or ethics of the Bible were preserved and still are preserved.

The stories of the Bible, or from the Hebrew Torah & Talmud, were complied by generations of people during thousands of years.

What’s so important about these stories?

Probably because the truth, or the facts, about the natural world (or reality), as well as truths about the reality of the spirit or the supernatural world is what makes people interested in transmitting those stories, and to make them endure.

Also when stories (like those from the Bible) are rejected, then angst, anxiety, depression, nihilism about existence are people’s experiences, and also war is done by nations because of political ideology.

War was always done. It certainly has been done by the religions of Judaism and Christianity.

War has been done by Muslims.

However, the wars in the 20th century have been the most chaotic, disruptive & destructive because of Nazis or Marxist political ideology, and also because of the technology invented & used by Western nations.

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