Institutional Sexism

Institutional sexism historically and also presently in any society, across our planet Earth, was and still is often done by men towards women.

Historic Institutional Sexism

The ethnicity of the woman probably was often an insignificant factor until European men explored and settled present day United States & Canada with their counterpart women.

The European women who settled North America were born into and often accepted their counterpart’s patriarchy (because why not when you don’t know different?).


White or Caucasian women were usually complicit or accepted patriarchy as the natural form of society, or the way things should be.

However, interpersonal sexism was and is still done by any person or group toward a woman or a man because of their perceived sex or gender.


With that said, in Canada, sexist behaviour has been done by women to men, and men to women.

I can name a straight forward example:

I was in sitting in the classroom of Grade 12 Social Studies at Lockerby Composite Highschool in Sudbury, Ontario, and class was in session.

I witnessed any guy in that classroom immediately getting shouted down or told he was, for certain, wrong by one or a few girls whenever that guy tried to speak his opinion about sexism and how sexism could be directed from women against men.

Interpersonal sexist behaviour is the above personal story.

Shout Down

The few girls who debated the guy who tried to speak his opinion, didn’t first reply with yelling, but they got more annoyed (because the guy was disagreeing), and it was then that they started raising their volume as they rebutted that guy.


Anyway, being blind toward your own unconscious bias and also in denial about your sexist behaviour towards men still makes you sexist.

Unconscious Bias

My next question would be, “Are men allowed to enroll in Women’s Studies at universities and colleges?“.

The answer is mostly ‘yes’.

Mostly ‘yes’” because I don’t know if all universities and colleges across North America systemically allow and advertise to guys for them to attend Women’s Studies classes.


If guys were forbidden from enrolling in Women’s Studies classes at universities & colleges, then that would be systemic sexism:

Systemic Sexism



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