Authoritarian Left

I suppose each person has bias or prejudice because each person is a human being.


Human beings are prejudiced about one thing or another, or about a group of other people.

Or humans prefer being tribal with others who look like them (the same race), who behave like them (live and have the same norms), and agree with them (share & speak the same beliefs and opinions).

Probably being in agreement — while living and speaking opinions on a consensus — makes practical sense because people can get things and tasks done with no or very little conflict.

Anyway, the problem which arises from homogeneity or steady consensus would be people’s intolerance and suppression of disagreement of differing beliefs, opinions and lifestyles.

When you read this, you will remember that traditional disagreement and protest of the community’s and culture’s norms was the political left (liberals) protesting the political right (conservatives).

Liberal political protest was done against bigotry, ignorance, sexism, racism and homophobia.






Protest in the 2010s against transphobia and white privilege are recent.


White Privilege

Also, during this decade of the 2010s, many people’s intolerance toward any disagreement with political correctness is shown by the social justice warriors of the far political left.

While I was watching Jordan Peterson’s Youtube channel, he said something remarkable:

The current inclination of social justice warriors of the political left is to behave authoritarian.

Heard of the Authoritarian Left?

The actions and demands from student social justice warriors to universities & colleges across North America is authoritarian behaviour. Their behaviour is discriminatory, bullying, and self-righteous.

Bully tactics, used by SJW students in their protests at Evergreen State College in the U.S., is apparent.

The SJW students’ intolerance toward anyone who disagrees with them, and their sometimes publicly stated preference for segregation — meaning people of colour should only share the lunchroom with people of colour to recover from racism from any White person — is authoritarian, which is intolerant, sectarian and righteous.

Social justice warriors protesting for segregation is surprising because 1960s Civil Rights leaders in the United States, like Martin Luther King Jr., wanted de-segregation for African Americans.

Now, in the 2010s, the students of colour are insisting on segregation from White or Caucasian students on university and college campuses. The guise of “safe spaces” is segregation.

Anyway, social justice warriors of the far political left are behaving authoritarian, which shows that any human being with an opinion or belief can be authoritarian and righteous in a very problematic way.

Now it’s okay to have morals and to live by them. Morals are the ideas and beliefs that you live by, and are the laws and ethics of a community or society that make possible safety and trust. An example would be: Your body will have safety from rape because of the moral and law that views rape as appalling.

But it’s very harmful and problematic to always assume that your beliefs and morals are superior, and it’s harmful when you behave by that assumption.

It’s also very problematic when a society assumes their morals and laws are superior to another society’s beliefs and laws.

Western countries have several times sent out troops to occupy a country like Afghanistan so as to export democracy to those people. But the Afghans haven’t readily accepted democracy from the occupiers.

Would anyone accept anything from an occupation? Probably not. Unless the occupied territory was a university or college campus.

Anyway, there is a vocabulary of derogatory words used by social justice warriors against anyone who disagrees with them:


These swear words are tools simply used to shut up, shout down, and marginalize any person or group of people who disagree and challenge a politically correct inspired protest.

Shout Down

The most disturbing shouting down of one teacher, who was swarmed by a mob of social justice warrior students, is the incident of Bret Weinstein being literally cornered on Evergreen State College campus and yelled at with bully tactics.

What’s a bully? We all know. But the race, age, gender and face of the bully changes. The tactics of targeting, cornering, yelling at, and belittling haven’t.

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