Intersex, Female and Male

Gender can’t really be independent from biology?

Where does Gender arise from?

From humans telling each other what gender is?

But before people were humans, and in paleo history when our ancestors were another animal species, what was the basis for those animals to inform each other what gender was?

Did the animals that predate our Homo Sapiens define gender from an ideology they created, communicated, and then socialized each other as their belief of gender identity and gender expression?

Probably not.

Gender was likely informed by biological sex, which was female and male.

There were exceptions though.

Intersex humans have been born, and are living today. Their gender is exceptional.

One such Intersex person is a British woman who is a genetic male, and has 95% male chromosomes. She only learned of being a mostly genetic male when she was medically tested to find out why she wasn’t able to conceive a baby:

The mother’s condition is known as XY gonadal dysgenesis. That means that the woman has external female characteristics, but doesn’t have functional ovaries. Those organs are necessary for reproduction, helping to create the eggs from which babies will grow.

Her uterus was also only millimetres big. It too wasn’t functional or mature to carry a developing baby.

In all, her female reproductive organs — uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes — were immature and mostly missing due to her chromosomes being 95% XY chromosomes.

But, the exception is still not the rule.

The exception can’t be the new culture without excluding the people who don’t agree.

The people who don’t agree, fall in line and who don’t join the band wagon of a social justice movement, get targeted, called bigots, and then are excluded from airing their concerns in public spaces.

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