Gender Spectrum Pronouns and Grammar Police

Dr. Jordan Peterson is a University of Toronto tenured Psychology professor. I’ve been watching his personal Youtube channel simply because he has made personal observations in public about the problem with Political Correctness in a Western Democracy.

He’s observed a problem that Bill C-16 presents, which is a tenet from an ideology that comes from a spectrum of people in Western Democracies, like Canada, and other countries. The ideology would be that, “gender is not developed from biology, and so biology is not the basis for gender“.

Instead, gender is imagined, emotionally felt, and thought as ideas coming from a person’s mind (from their brain) and those ideas are then put into practice as a person’s behaviours and as a norm.

In short, gender is defined by the person, and not by a person’s biology, and not by a community’s norms.


Gender in modern Western Democracy is now boiled down to a tenet from a current trend of thought from the far, far political left, and from parents of kids identifying as transgender. The parents are also only trying to be good and supportive parents to their transgender kids, which is what they expect of themselves and what the community expects.

Gender currently is a question of which came first, “The Chicken or The Egg?“.

The question would mean, “Did biology come first and make gender possible, or did the human mind come first and define gender?“– and this question is considered the fact of what gender is in a modern Western Democracy.

But the Chicken usually comes from the egg since eggs are sex gametes, and gametes are the stuff that make the conception and birth of chickens possible.

Anyway, vocabulary in a language has to accommodate, include and express this ideology about gender. So a community’s language concerning gender has to change by a law, which would be Bill C-16.

The observable problem that Bill C-16 presents would be making non-use of transgender pronouns illegal.

So any spoken and published preferred male and female gender pronouns, which would show the omission of transgender pronouns, would be hate speech.


Non-use of transgender pronouns would be defined as hate propaganda by Bill C-16.


Transgender pronouns like xyr, xyrself, and so on, would be enforceable by police because they would have to uphold this law that would be part of Hate Propaganda found in Section 318 of Canada’s Criminal Code and Proscribed Discrimination as stated in Canada’s Human Rights Act.

Transgender Pronouns

People who won’t agree with this ideology of gender — as well as people who can’t agree because “xyr” has too many consonants and can’t be said clearly — have a problem with Bill C-16 due to it becoming a law that would make a set of pronouns a mandatory vocabulary to speak and write.

Heard of the Grammar Police? Well, Bill C-16 would be enforced across Canada by the Grammar Police, because it has made the Grammar Police real.


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