Culture revolution is an excluding movement.

I take notice of a college or university professor when he publicly says he’s scared.

Self-Censorship-02Usually when an academic says he or she is scared, that is said from their observation of an oncoming culture revolution.

A cultural revolution is NOT an inclusive movement, but a movement by groups of people within a society to censor, target and exclude other people who teach and publicly say the wrong ideas.

The people who aren’t with the revolution, and who don’t agree with it, are seen as necessary to dispose to make room for a new, and more civilized culture to establish.

There are countless examples of groups of people within a society who have done a culture revolution and had censored the undesirables.

The people with the wrong thinking and the wrong opinions — like the wrong ideas on the basic states of the human condition like biological sex and the two genders that arise from biology — are made targets, are called belittling names like bigot“, “ignorant“, are shamed and censored in public spaces.

People that don’t get with the program, which is the cultural revolution, are removed from their employment and aren’t allowed by Human Resources Departments to get teaching jobs at colleges and universities.

When an academic, who’s reasonable (and for sometime has been respected), makes a public statement that he’s scared, he is likely not talking from feeling paranoia.

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